Life is not a Rehearsal – What will you do this Year?

Many years ago a very special friend told me that life was not a rehearsal.  It took me many years to really understand why he thought that and what he meant by it.  My friend was right. Everyone makes mistakes and if we are lucky, then we learn from these mistakes but there is no time for regret. Regret is destructive and demoralising. Regret takes time. Time is a precious commodity that should be used to enjoy life, rather than to dwell on any bad times gone by.

With 417 Days a Year, what would you do in the next year? What would be on your To Do list?

In the next year I would love to;

1. Welcome as many friends and family into our new ‘forever home’ as possible.

2. Get back to a weight at which I am comfortable.

3, Travel to somewhere far away to meet long lost relatives that I have never met before.

4. Improve my second language.

5. Be proud of the things I achieve during the year.

Do any of these feature in your Top 5 things to do this year?  What would your Top 5 be? Please feel free to comment with your inspirational Top 5 for the year to come.

Author: catcandothat

I like to write, read, knit, cook, travel, dye my hair, obsess about genealogy and I'm learning to code. In my spare time, I have a full-time job and family to care for. I have previously written as Lentils

4 thoughts on “Life is not a Rehearsal – What will you do this Year?”

  1. I definitely agree with number 5. Other than that, a few things I hope I achieve this year (or at least in the next 2 years!) are:
    1. Buy a house with my boyfriend.
    2. Get a permanent teaching job.
    3. Travel round some of the national parks in Utah, Arizona, Nevada etc.
    4. Improve my running times.


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