Grief and Joy – A Poem

Grief and Joy

Be kind and don’t presume to know what’s spinning around inside her head.
What you see from afar may be picturesque but it’s only the tip of the iceberg.
If you journey on in you will need to hold tight and to anchor yourself or you may well take flight.
Along the ravine, with no way to stop, her feelings rush forward, most vivid atop.
Onwards and downwards and faster and faster, new ones and old ones, confusion abound.
With lack of direction, the tears keep on falling, the thoughts come like waves, knocking her to the ground.
Again and again with her head above water, she breathes and takes stock and refuses to drown.
Her family and friends bring her bring joy in abundance but sadness swims on like the constant pour down.
Today was a good day, the news brought her comfort, she is a survivor of that she is sure.
This does not detract from the hole and the emptiness, guilt washing over her, down to the floor.
Onwards and upwards each day getting better, each one slightly easier, each opening a door.
Be kind if you see her, she’s trying, I promise.  Her journey continues, he’s watching, I’m sure.

Author: catcandothat

I like to write, read, knit, cook, travel, dye my hair, obsess about genealogy and I'm learning to code. In my spare time, I have a full-time job and family to care for. I have previously written as Lentils

One thought on “Grief and Joy – A Poem”

  1. So very touching, brought tears to my eyes. Very well written and thought out, well done. Keep strong xxx


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