Broken and Beautiful


Today I saw a photograph of a project that someone had just finished. Two beautifully restored tables with intricate mosaic tops. The tables reminded me of some photographs that I took a few days ago of some pretty mosaics that I often walk by. The mosaics are in the very centre of the city at the base of three trees, on top of an underpass, in the middle of a transport interchange roundabout, alongside pedestrian crossings. The last place in the world someone would normally take the time to make look pretty. I always think that someone wanted to secretly make me smile and the other passers-by too. I think that they did a great job!


They always make me smile as I pass by, for two reasons. First, because they are colourful, interesting and pleasing to the eye. Secondly, because they are beautiful even though they are made of broken pieces. Taking something broken, whether it be physical or emotional and turning it into something beautiful is what life is about. We are all a little bit broken but that by no means suggests that we should discard our right to success and happiness. There is so much joy to be had even out of something broken.

The wonderful thing about working on a mosaic is that you can have an idea and a plan or you can just pick up the pieces and start making something that pleases you. I have come to the conclusion that this is just like life. There are times in life where a plan makes sense and there other times where you just have to trust the journey. The result will be beautiful but it requires open eyes and a little bit of vision.



Author: catcandothat

I like to write, read, knit, cook, travel, dye my hair, obsess about genealogy and I'm learning to code. In my spare time, I have a full-time job and family to care for. I have previously written as Lentils

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